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COVID-19 Pushes up Internet Usage by over 70% ! Simply means, Businesses that are NOT Online, will loose out on valuable Customers

Why are OVER three billion people online ? What is this effectiveness of Digital Marketing that is attracting everyone ?

Effectiveness is a big driver for Digital Marketing because the Digital world is an extremely measurable medium. The Digital marketspace helps track to the very last click – You will know how many people came to Your website, from where they came, what they saw on Your mobile app, what they bought through the Chatbot, what was the value of that purchase and will they come back again. Digital campaigns are extremely scalable campaigns … all done within a few clicks !

Comparatively, traditional media is expensive, partly unaccountable and needs a large outlay of resources whereas Digital Marketing can be started off with a fraction of that investment !

As mentioned before, there are over three billion people who are online today – which is close to 40% of the world’s population.

With the CoronaVirus Pandemic placing over a quarter of the world’s population under lockdown, more and more people are inevitably going Online, for most of their daily needs !

So, Who are these people ? What are they engaging with ? How are they doing it ?

  • 62% of these people are browsing the internet through their computers or desktops;
  • 31% (which is again a huge number) are accessing the internet through their mobile phones – the smartphone revolution has made this possible !
  • And 7% do so through tablets.

You may be surprised to know that off the total time spent on media, on electronic media or otherwise …

  • 54% of the time is spent on online media – 4% of these people spend on online media !
  • 28 percent of online time is spent on Social Media (predominantly Facebook) and Facebook Advertising provides opportunities for Advertising and Marketing.
  • 13% is micro blogging (which again is predominantly around Twitter and the likes) and the rest of the activities are a mix of updating blogs, reading news, watching TV or online and other activities.

What does all this translate to, when people are spending so much time on media ? Simply put, this provides a huge opportunity for Businesses to reach out to them during that time. There’s also informed decision-making due to the number of choices made available.​

Understandably, the objectives of Digital Marketing are additional Marketing to drive Sales and Leads through clicks to your Digital asset (Website, Mobile App, Social Media, Videos) and/or increasing brand awareness.

If You are a small to medium Business, its quite possible that You may not have the monies and resources required to compete with a large player or a national player, in the real world. But You can do so online through Digital Marketing – it truly is a fair-level playing field. Digital Marketing can help You decide where Your ads will show, to how many people they will show ! And if Your content is SEO ready, You might actually end up paying lesser then the bigger players in Your Market.

The exponential growth of the Digital highway or the Digital world is a huge opportunity for Businesses to execute their next successful Digital Marketing campaign.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has quite literally left NO option for ANY Business but to be online !

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